I believe 2022 will be the year NFTs will either step up their game and brand, or die.


We gonna make it - we all gonna make it! Well, maybe not, since we don't have much information about this project yet, they don't have an open Discord and we don't know what the hell is going on...

What we do know, is that this project is really kicking ass on Twitter.

Here's the full doxx on their devs: @anna_paschenko, @bstsrvdbld and @kajdax working together irl company called Pitch.

So, I've tried to find connections between them and major players in the entertainment industry. Why? Well... first, because I believe 2022 will be the year NFTs will either step up their game and brand, or die. Second, because I don't believe the "no roadmaps or promises, just vibes" shenanigans. As we have seen before, there's always something cooking in the kitchen for hyped projects like this.

And then:

Well, if you were a Handpicked subscriber a few weeks ago, and followed our tip on Random Character Collective, you probably flipped MoodRollers for a good profit, or maybe you're holding to it, trying to be whitelisted for Invisible Friends.

Either way, we covered the size and potential of those collections on that post, and watching the team-up looks very exciting. They already raffled a few whitelist spots for the RCC holders, if I am not mistaken. Probably nothing, but... maybe they will launchpad off RCC as well, who knows?

The fact is: Interfaces is a brand carrying a huge community. So pretty much any product they launch will moon at this point. I'm not even considering M&A with mainstream players (which I believe will be the case in 2022).

Check out their Twitter and turn on notifications. That's pretty much all we have so far. We will try to keep you posted, tho...

I get some weird virtual assistant vibes from these project... will it moon if Microsoft announced they bought WGMI to replace Clippy?