The Evolving Forest

The Evolving Forest

Your favorite NFT bonsai

Have you ever thought about having a Bonsai? Most part of people say Yes, and also most part of people know that they demand a lot of work, time, and attention. This project is kinda like a Bonsai, but they will evolve even if you don't water or cut them.

One cool thing about this project is that they change and evolve according to the 4 seasons, so they are dynamic. The 3D design, lights, and movement are amazing, definitely a project worth checking if you, like me, think that details are important. (The Devil lies there). The beauty and the details matter.

This planting and cultivation guide is broken into seasons. It lays out the sequence through which the forest will take shape, and what gardeners should expect on the path to enlightenment.

They also have some crazy drawings detailing the evolution project of each type of flower. I admire this kind of work and attention from the creators.

Stake your plants

Another cool thing about this project is that you can stake your plants to receive rewards in $PSCI.

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