When Surrealism meets NFT art

The first thing that got my attention on this project is the Art - for sure the inspiration of this work comes from Salvador Dalí works.

What are Surreals?

Surreals are a collection of 10,000 generative portraits with a surreal, vintage naturalist aesthetic.

Each of them is assembled randomly from a set of hand-painted parts. No two Surreals are alike.

Surreals are minted on the Ethereum Blockchain as NFTs


Check out how rarity is divided:


The team broke the vision in 2 big aspects:

  1. Raise the beauty bar for profile picture art by providing a unique, high-quality, hand-painted aesthetic. Each Surreal component was painted digitally in a single layer, using techniques and tools that mimic real oil paints.
  2. Collectors and community will determine the value of each Surreal and their traits. We aim to provide an environment where this discovery is possible and fun for everyone.

Upscale feature

One nice thing about this project is that on the website there is a tool to upscale the art, in case you want to print it and add to your wall :)