Rengoku Legends

Rengoku Legends

Interactive Story + NFT collection

There is a lot of information on the website, it is beautiful but honestly, very hard to navigate (ux). The visuals of the NFTs are breathtaking! 3D projects that give extra care to the details are receiving some attention and money from the NFT collectors.

Extracting from their website, they say that the project is a multidimensional journey with 8 immersive chapters that include live paintings, interactive visual explorations, spatial audio, VR and 360 experiences with the ability to influence outcomes of the story. Cool?

One cool thing I saw on the website is some screenshots of some 3D experiences and, believe it or not, a vinyl record (for the real world).

The website is worth visiting (besides the bad navigation and very heavy), there you can find more details about the fair mint and some small videos with more details about the project.

On the Instagram of some artists behind the project, you can find other images of the models and experiences.

They are playing some small silly games for Discord roles and social missions that I personally don't like and do not have time to accomplish, but it's up to you! Go to their Discord to know more and maybe get your Whitelist.

I think this project will be even more hype, and hype is what we like.

For more details about the project:

Twitter | Website | Discord | Instagram

Hats rarity
Looks like you will be able to design your NFT art