Random Character Collective

Random Character Collective

So, we will be talking about 3 different projects here (so far): 3 projects, 3 artists, 3 artworks… 1 community.

This is a beautiful collab from the animation artist James Curan (91k followers on Instagram), father of the SlimHoods 5k randomly generated animations. Think of this as a genesis collection. James is also the artist behind Slim Jim Studios, who has major corporations on its portfolio: Disney, Samgung and eBay... to name a few.

SlimHood #1564

SlimHoods renamed their server on Discord (to Random Character Collective), bringing in other artists that also have animated randomly generative collections in common. Their floor price goes 10x as they announce the entry of Mood Rollers by Lucas Zanoto (177k followers) and Invisible Friends by Markus Magnusson (186k followers).

No roadmaps, no giveaways, no tokens or staking... any of that crap has been promised! Just 5-star quality animated characters. Now, of course... they did promise that holders of already released collective projects (currently just SlimHoods) will be reserved a number of spots in the pre-sale for each new project.

So, a little more on my faith in these projects:

Lucas is the founder of Yatatoy. They "make playful tools for kids", as stated on their Instagram bio. They also won an Apple Design Award, back in 2018. That's no small feat!

Markus has a bunch of followers. That should be good enough to realize people really like his animations. Invisible Friends is carrying a lot of hype on Twitter, and every sneak peek they drop get thousands of interactions. His (very similar) animation NFT "Invisible ghost friend" was auctioned in October and sold for 4.8723 ETH. So definitely something to keep an eye out, specially if you mint Mood Rollers or SlimHood first!

I am still waiting on some info about IP rights and how the community will take part in the current and future projects, but I absolutely love the animated artwork.

SlimHoods holders also hold similar projects like Cool Cats, Doodles, CryptoMories and Robotos (which recently closed a deal with Time Studios for an animated series, btw), so I am very excited to see how this great artists will perform in the NFT ecosystem - and beyond.