Outkast NFT

Outkast NFT

I'm not very fond of ongoing projects recommendations. Usually, I look for new releases. However, this one might deserve your attention, flying under the radar. Dev team has been very consistent on the roadmap deliveries, with pretty cool stuff every other week.

10k Outkast genesis collection artwork
Sneak peek of fusion artwork

I've been following this project since the public sale. It was sold out in about an hour, but the floor-price hasn't stopped dropping since traits were revealed. However, the team impresses me with the quality and speed in delivering everything that was promised.

Last week, they announced the fusion (deflationary policy to merge 2 NFTs into 1), reflecting in sales volume that doubled the floor-price. The community involved in this project is also very strong (something very cliché). See them playing RPG on Discord, not the usual casino games, really caught my eye. Through the official website, you can stake Outkasts sending them on "missions" and earning XP, which will give you enough tokens for the fusion.

This seems alright, but I am waaaaay more hyped and expensive projects that don't have the same engagement and deliveries. By far.

What also attracts me is the vision oriented towards a metaverse that communicates with other projects, 3D avatars and the desire to build a very strong brand.

The entry price is great and I would look for bundles (beware of scams) to buy 3 or more tokens and save gas and applying the rule of 3 if you want to flip them.

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