OpenDAO + 433

Cosmic Monkey Club going into some pretty solid partnerships with 433 and OpenDAO. This one is about community value.

OpenDAO + 433

📣 UPDATE - JAN 27 2022:
Looks like the OpenDAO proposal didn't go through and due to regulations by the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Marketing, 433 is no longer able to (publicly) partner with CMC collection. Those are red flags for this project, and probably a no-go. The community is still pretty strong, however, there might be better options out there on this latest bull-run.

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Cosmic Monkey Club going into some pretty solid partnerships. This one is about community value

Cosmic Monkey Club seemed like a pretty standard NFT project at first, masterminded by KrausCrypto (12k followers), founder of Merge DAO. A 10k collection with several crazy monkey traits.

When they announced a partnership, things really kicked-off! (*wink*)

If you are into Soccer (or Football, if you live anywhere else in the world outside the US), you probably heard about a community called 433. If you haven't, our job is to break it through for you: 1,5M followers on Twitter, 45,5M followers on Instagram (yes, millions). That's 5B+ impressions a month on all their social platforms combined, so… enough said.

The football theme started to show into the artwork, and a handful of Discord channels got slammed by football fans interested in a NFT collection promising utility for holders and members of the community.

Americans might find this weird, but soccer is the most popular sport in the world, estimated to have 3.5 billion fans worldwide. 433 is (by far) the best community for engagement, with countless marketing contracts throughout the industry.

If you are a subscriber, you know how much we like branding in our NFT curation, and this is — hand down — the best project we have written about in terms of partnerships, specially because they are launching together. This is not a “potentially good partner”, this is an awesome community to be in.

🙊 But that's not all, monkey football fans!

I have been following OpenDAO (from a certain distance), and their potential is also remarkable. OpenDAO rewarded OpenSea users last Xmas, who could claim their social token ($SOS) based on how much $ETH they (we) spent on NFTs purchases on the platform. That quickly became a huge community of 200k users in less than 24 hours.

So KrausCrypto came to OpenDAO with a proposal for community voting: supporting OpenDAO, putting 25ETH on the treasury and provide a secondary marketplace for the NFTs to be traded with $SOS tokens. No downside for OpenDAO, really. So, with no opposition to the proposal so far, and I'm guessing it will probably go through (initial proposal voting was 157/19, with the push from the CMC community as well).

Nothing speaks to me better in terms of NFT community than OpenDAO at this point.

So yeah, you might want to ape into this one. There's still time to get whitelist spots. If you are into soccer/football, make sure you check out their utilities and future projects as well! Good minting!

🗓 Launch:
January 18th (presale) / 19th (public)

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