From the influential and NFT expert Sajad, the next promising Alpha Group: NFT Wizards

From the influential and NFT expert Sajad, the next promising Alpha Group: NFT Wizards

The YouTuber and influencer SajadNFT is now creating a new Alpha Group. And this one is looking spectacular!
As most of you know already, he makes content on YouTube about Crypto and NFTs and is well-respected in the space.

Known for his huge flips on NFTs reveal, he is now going to be launching a pass for his new Alpha Group, and the utilities on this one are insane.

Most Alpha Groups are pretty much only Giveaways, with some Alpha calls. This one goes way beyond that. Check out all the utilities they have on the pass above.
What I personally like the most is the Live Mint Notifier. Getting notified to NFT drops and reveals would be huge for me.

The fact that the pass is an NFT is also great because you can get into it paying "x" amount of money, get all the exclusive benefits of participating in the group, and whenever you want out, you can sell your pass and if the price is higher than what you paid - which is very likely - you can profit on it.

They already have tools including profitability calculator and whale notifiers, and working on advanced tools that still don't exist. Including NFT technical analysis indicators that operate by reviewing volume, price and trend data.

It is also an opportunity for networking. They are looking to add the opportunity to showcase your skills and network with other professionals.

Their Roadmap is simple and accomplishable, which is a great sign. No big promises mean Roadmap will actually happen.

This is a 2997 NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain and to buy one you will have to either be whitelisted, buy on the Public Sale (if there are any still available for Public Sale), or you can buy from someone on OpenSea.

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