My Pet Hooligan: a Swiss knife in the Utility NFT Era

My Pet Hooligan: a Swiss knife in the Utility NFT Era

Passive income is the new black in the NFT space πŸ€‘

With "PvEs" like and WnD β€” and their gazillion clones β€” what everyone wants now is being rewarded for hodling their NFTs. While I believe this is a much more attractive model than simply telling buyers to passively endure the ups and downs of their portfolio, the run to reach the smallest time to market has resulted in very… "sketchy" assets.

Mamma, that's not a game interface I thought we'd have in 2021

Contracts with tons of loopholes and NFTs that could have been drawn by Sir Gregor Samsa β€” my Welsh Corgi β€” are being dropped several times a week. And boy, is it SAD minting fugly game assets. I mean, c'mon! Zelda β€” Breath of the Wild was launched 4 years ago, Guys! We can do better.

But fear not, gamers of the world. My Pet Hooligan has listened to the community and promises to drop, in the following weeks, graphically stunning 3D NFTs encompassed by a roadmap that has it all: play to earn, staking, merch and mint pass in a single OG purchase.

Yes, Ser: this looks a lot more like a 21st century game

Will they be able to deliver accordingly? Well, this we never know for sure, but what I can say is that they have been delivering super polished visuals and top-notch effects in their promos. Based on the quality of the assets and team skill set β€” not only the artistic, but also the commercial ones – I'll tell you: I can't wait to play the game, and I'm gonna try hard to get WL, because with all the bells and whistles around it, My Pet Hooligan promises to be a disputed minting.

My Pet Hooligan will drop 8888 NFTs and their Discord server has around 24k members, at the moment in which I'm writing this text.
My Pet Hooligan will also provide hodlers with IRL experiences. Nice!

Anyway, DYOR. I know lots of influencers are talking about the project, but only invest after DYOR, please.

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πŸ—“ Minting dates:
Whitelist TBD
Public Sale TBD
Price: 0.08 ETH + gas

⚠ This material is just for educational and artistic purposes, nothing here is an Investment recommendation, and we are not financial advisors. Investments on the NFT market are very risky. Always do your own research, and be happy!