IMPS by SuperNfty

IMPS by SuperNfty

This was love at first sight!

I was casually looking into the SkullX Discord server, when I bumped into a collab between the two projects, and it really blew my mind.

This is a 10k collection by an artist called SuperNfty, he had a pretty successful genesis collection called Floating Heads (very thin floor-price @ 1.05 ETH as I'm writing). It is a very cool 1/1 animated toyart-ish 3D NFT. However, only 264 tokens are available.

IMPS on the other hand, has a much bigger supply (I wish it was 5k, but whatever, we'll see). I don't know if his community will be able to absorb this many tokens (only 5k followers on Twitter and 5k members on Discord).

I ran their numbers at our friends at CryptoScores, scoring a very low 219, which was not surprising, giving the subjective we are bringing in to this analysis. However, I sure believe in the product itself - even without that much hype around it.

If you saw our recent RCC post, you know what I am talking about. So, maybe I am biased by its success (and hype). However, this has pretty much the same elements, with a pro artist putting his heart in the game. I respect that (a lot).

Gotta say: their product is really kick-ass. The 3D aspect of it, specially with the unlockable content for printing and webcam filter (yes, you will be able to flex your IMPS in your Zoom calls at the office).

Plus, they had a pretty smart move to honor a bunch of NFT influencers (41 so far) with unique IMPS, so that might hype it up a bit too. Also, the artist is a BAYC and Cool Cats member (that has a history of pumping projects), creating derivatives for those projects too.

Cool Cats honorary IMP
Gmoney honorary IMP

Finally: I truly believe this a very underrated artist at this point. So, a 10k supply might not get sold out instantly. However, mint price at public sale is cheaper than most projects coming out on Ethereum main net, that don't have nearly this much quality. This is definitely worth the gamble, but I would simply hold it for the utility (and have it 3d printed at my desk).

OpenSea links:
Honorary Imps
Floating Heads
SuperBalls (buy one and get one presale spot)
Designer Apes
Designer Cats

⚠ This material is just for educational and artistic purposes, nothing here is an Investment recommendation, and we are not financial advisors. Investments on the NFT market are very risky. Always do your own research, and be happy!