The right balance between chaos and order

Like I mentioned here before, not everyone is on the NFT space just to flip jpgs and make money. There are lots of people, like me, that loves to collect the art just for the art, or to support the project and the artists, independently of utility or passive income. We collect art because they make us feel something, beauty elevates our soul.

Some months ago, I randomly found this project called Hypnotica, and I was hypnotized by his balance between chaos and order. I felt really identified also because this is a theme that I really like to study and read about. Life, in a simple way, is nothing but a beautiful dance between chaos and order, between the known and the unknown. (I am suspect to talk about this theme since my first Street Photography book is called Chaos & Order.)

Here on Handpicked NFTs our goal is not to bring just mainstream projects, we also want to support new artists and projects where we see quality and attention to details. We want to bring interesting artworks that still don't have too many lights on, here is one of those.
Some NFT Models of the collection

🎤 I decided to reach the Team and ask for a quick interview, I hope you like:

Can you provide more info about the artists involved, their background and experiences?

Me (Valentino) and Robert are creatives by hearth. We are internationally awarded in the design and creative industry and work as Creative Director and Creative Developer since several years. Every now and then we love to put together some side projects. Back then they were projects or hackathons meant to generate buzz and get new clients.This time we wanted to create something different.That's how Hypnotica was born.

What were the main motivations and inspirations to create this project?

We both love design and how simplicity can create impressive outputs. The way geometric black and white blocks alone can create beauty always amazed us. And when we mixed them selectively with something as organic as gradients it created a weird balance that we immediately loved.
For inspiration as a designer, I always admired the Gestalt Illusions for their simplicity, but when it comes to modern generative art, my hero is Joshua Davis (https://twitter.com/JoshuaDavis). He was into generative art way before it was on the map, and we should give him credit for it, plus his artworks are so chaotic that I cannot take my eyes off them.

When the team felt into the crypto rabbit hole? 🐇

We're into the crypto universe since 2017, but completely ignored the NFTs world until October 2021 when we felt we were missing something. That's when from one day to another we released Cypher Rothkos – a 50 pieces collection who got picked up by some notable people in the tech and crypto sphere like Paul Stamatiou. That's when we decided we had something to say and decided to put more effort and time into a proper generative NFT art collection.

Can you comment a bit more on the process of creating the images?

We started from some sketched I did on Figma, then we implemented them via code and started to play with them in different ways to generate permutations changing with variables.
Our goal was to create dynamism, still keeping some sort of alignment and order.
At the beginning it was simple and easy, but then we started implementing displacements of the core, animations, glitches, and the project became much harder to handle.

For the tech nerds, a bit more juice:
The artworks are created, developed and exported entirely using the browser. Everything is entirely based on HTML canvas and developed using & P5js. The core is rendered off-screen in WebGL using some custom shaders written in GLSL. On our website we flushed out every detail of the project, with a lot of behind the scenes' information.  

What was the big challenge faced during this project so far?

Perfectionism. I know it sounds pretentious, that's why it was a problem. We could have launched a month ago, but we tried to improve the artworks over and over, destroying the code and rebuilding it to make sure that every piece was interesting. That took a massive amount of time. We hope it's worth it.  


Special Trait: Offset

Special Trait: Looping

Special Trait: Glitching

Are there any future plans in the Roadmap of the project? 🚦

Well, first we are really looking forward to launch. Even if we got extremely positive feedback from the community we want to ship Hypnotica into the world and see how people will react to it.
We are talking with different people to understand where Hypnotica can get next and we already started playing a lot with the artworks exploring different medias. We even tried to create blankets with the patterns and they look cool! Who knows what will we become? Art has no boundaries and infinite possibilities.

Possible Applications

Will users be able to print their NFTs if they want to? 🖨

Actually Hypnotica was born as a series of prints, only then became digital.So everybody will be able to print their artworks in big size. We actually did some tests and they look quite impressive, but we leave at you the final judgement.

Is there any info about mint date, price and blockchain?

99% we're launching in January 2022, but we cannot announce the date yet. The chain will be Ethereum.

This project was created by @dghez_ & @borgatov

Hypnotica — NFT Generative Art
Hypnotica is all about balance. Balance between chaos and order. Balance between noise and harmony. Balance between sharpness and smoothness.

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⚠ This material is just for educational and artistic purposes, nothing here is an Investment recommendation, and we are not financial advisors. Investments on the NFT market are very risky. Always do your own research, and be happy!