The most hyped project on December

It's time to talk about HAPEBEAST. We could not be considered a serious curating business if we never talk about HAPEBEAST. It is a project that didn't even launch yet and is disrupting the space. They are HUGE. You probably already know about it, but if you don't, the time has come. I'm expecting one of the most hyped launches, if not the most of all time πŸ™Š

Enough hype, let's analyze a bit of the project:

The team is a very solid one with people with experience, especially their artist. It's Matt Sypien, founder of Digimental Studio London.
They launched their Discord server in Mid-October and got 58k people there in one week. Not only that, their twitter went to 30k also.

The art is phenomenal, check out the video posted. Β No wonder why they are so big.

They launched a separate collection to start off called "HapeBeastGenesis", with a small collection of 35 items. Its price skyrocketed to a floor price at the moment of 23,99 eth. You read that right.

One of the things I love about them is their organic growth. They are not distributing whitelist spots for everyone. Each person is analyzed and hand-picked by the mods. If you collaborate enough with the project, you get a spot, as simple as that.

There will be no public sale. Every buyer will have to be whitelisted, which means: No gas war. I have never seen another project do that, and it is a smart move, means they are thinking about the community loosing money on failed transactions.

I have yet to see something they did that I disagree. They are doing it all right!

Definitely a long-term hold for me. But if you are one of the flippers, I bet you will do great as well. Remember, this is not financial advice.

MINT will be close to Christmas πŸŽ…πŸ» Join their Discord, now!

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