Guardians of the Metaverse

Guardians of the Metaverse

We are seeing a small trend of the market going towards 3D avatars, also due to future metaverse integration with web3 platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, Voxel and others.

This project took our attention due the level of detail of the NFTs, lights, shadows and neon lights look great and we can see that the artists spend some time on making them.

Here some highlights of this project:

  • Guardians are a collection of 3,333 extremely detailed, fully 3D rendered Protectors of the Metaverse. Each and every Guardian trait has been built from the ground up to ensure that every Guardian has a unique and distinct appearance
  • Following the drop the team will donate a portion of proceeds to a community-voted charity
  • They want to create a DAO, formed by Guardian holders. Holding a Guardian makes you a member of the Legion of Guardians. Members of the Legion will receive 85% of secondary market royalties for each Guardian held, paid out weekly (starting 2 weeks after mint is complete). This means if you hold 5 Guardians, you get 5x the royalties
  • Members of the Legion will have unique opportunities to feature their Guardians on products we release in the future. Current plans include: 3D figures, Clothing Products, Posters / Arts and marketing products. Legion members who have their art featured by us will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales

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