The most promising NFT you haven't bought

The most promising NFT you haven't bought

Over a month ago – and powered by the Art Blocks tech – Doodlelabs launched its OG collection, idealised by artist Mr. Kaves: The Family Mooks.

It was the beginning of the crazy gas era, with $SHIBA and ETH mooning, and somehow this collection didn't get much attention.

First, because minting was rather expensive – around 0.25 ETH; then, because The Family Mooks is not a PFP collection but a series of portraits of its members: Izzy, Vito, Sally, Nick, Frankie, Ty, Jenny and Mamma. Lastly, The Family Mooks was eclipsed by the launch of other much more popular collections, as Doodles and Jungle Freaks.

Recently, a Mama Mook – the rarest token – was sold for 6.6 ETH
Only around 3.6k Mooks were minted, and the rest of the supply – originally 8000 – was burnt. And ever since, The Family Mooks have seen bad days, with floor price around half the minting cost.

However, two weeks ago, The Family Mooks saw a turning point in their storyline – and now it begins to take on the contours of its final shape.

In a Spaces on Twitter, Doodlelabs announced it will be the launching pad for a century-old brand's token, and the artwork will come from Che-Yu Wu – who recently launched a successful collection through Art Blocks itself. Therefore, every owner of Doodle Labs' OG token will have spots on the WL for this new drop, on a 1:1 ratio. Owners of a whole family will get a free mint, not only for this collection, but for every collection Doodle Labs drops in 2022. And they intend to drop a collection every month.

Rumor has it that the "Monster Mashup" on their roadmap will be with artist Vincent Van Dough

This half announcement alone made the floor "skyrocket" 🚀  to around 0.3 ETH – a price it has been keeping up to the moment I'm writing this text. And I say “half announcement” because they still have to reveal the name of the brand, which should cause an increase in token sales.

Not so many owners and they have diamond hands

Currently, less than 5% of The Family Mooks tokens are listed for sale.
Full disclosure: I have 5 of them, and I am still debating the purchase of 2 more.

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