Epic Arcades

Epic Arcades

🕹  Revive all the good memories

Some nice thing about this project was the concept of ZenDrop and the focus on true game lovers and collectors. This project has emotional appeal, not financial appeal. The floor price started on 0.21 SOL (49 USD)

Why ZenDrop?

NFT collector routine is crazy, right? Be aware of all those projects, drops, do your own research, keep track of dozens of Discord channels and notifications, deal with bots and scams, you know the drill... We want to avoid that, we don't want to be one more reason for your FOMO or your NFT anxiety.

WTF is ZenDrop ?

It's an alternative way of dropping NFTs:

🔕  No notifications, no noise
🐦  No social media missions
💬  No discord channel
❤️  No financial appeal (emotional appeal)
💰  Honest prices
🤝  Transparency
⛽️  No gas fees (Solana)
🛣  Experiences for NFT holders
💎  For real collectors and fans

What is this collection about?

It was made to create emotional connections, not profits. This collection is for all gamers who, like me, spent hours inside an Arcade playing those games over and over, even knowing how they end.

For those who spent their coins after school having fun with those games. This is for real fans, not for people who are looking to make money and flip NFTs.

Regular Cards
Rare card

Project website | Twitter | SolSea

✅ Featured at NFTCalendar.io
✅ Featured at Brasil NFT
✅ Featured at Notfin
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Vol 1 is sold out, but more is coming soon...