Digital Animals

Digital Animals

A 3D polygonal psychedelic journey

I know this project is not new, it has his hype for quite some time already, but our main goal here is to bring you projects that we see some level of quality – this project has some. Not everyday we will post super hot or hidden gems, since it's impossible to find one of those every day.

Sometimes I will post here projects that are not for “flippers”. There are still people on this space, like me, who like to simply collect beautiful artworks that they liked, that will make them happy when they look at them. I think that's an important point also about Art. We buy things, and we like to look at things that makes us feel something, or things that remember us past experiences in Life. Putting the philosophical stuff aside for now, let's get into the NFT project Digital Animals.

At the time of the writing, DEC 10

You're probably busy now, right? Here a TL/DR:

  • 8888 unique animals, generative art created by the designer Igor, for some reason I could not find his Surname on any social platform, just strange
  • The digital animal mint algorithm generates your digital soul based
    on a sentimental analysis of your Twitter profile combined with your wallet metrics (?) 20+ Twitter aspects and wallet metrics are used, but they don't give more details about which ones
  • If you want, you can tweet @Di_animals to get a special soul attribute. The first 1,000 early supporters out of 8,888 who minted digital animal will receive a special soul attribute
  • Attributes: 35 animals / 12 solids / 5 captions / 3 shining styles / 4 shapes / 4 glows / 3 elements / 1 ghost shell / Unique soul
  • There will be a game where players use their animal NFTs to explore a virtual world looking for crystals. You can collect these, or burn them to mint a new legendary animal
  • Legendary animals are not easy to come by, limited to just 888 NFTs
  • You can trade your animal NFT cards and acquire the 'appropriate' animal to collect more crystals
  • The game will be powered by Unreal Engine and according to website will be available for Mobile, when is not clear
  • Igor is a digital artist with more than 12 years of experience. He is experimenting with real physical phenomena, synthesizing materials
    and catching dispersion - owner of - design director of
  • The team has 14 people, including game designers
  • They have a Roadmap, but they don't specify Dates or Q's
  • This is a project where Art matters, and I like that :)
Roadmap (no dates)
Game sample

🗓 Pre-Sale: DEC 13


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