Can I flip NFTs without any money?

Can I flip NFTs without any money?

Well, yes, you can!

So, NFTs are expensive. We get it. Specially on Ethereum mainnet, with high gas fees. Also, you don't want to buy a project that already tanked, and get caught holding the bag. But profile picture verification looks cool, everybody is flipping jpegs and you don't wanna be left out.

So, with that in mind, I've been looking for some cheap projects you can jump aboard without risking your ETH savings, by joining the wonderful layer 2 solution called Polygon.

Polygon is a L2, meaning you can surf the Web3, tapping the benefits of a decentralized network built on Ethereum security, while spending just a few pennies on gas fees. Just buy some $MATIC and climb up.

So, let's get to it...

Raven on the Heaven is pretty ludicrous collection. Like most animal PFP out there, it combines colorful animals in ridiculous outfits. The art quality is far from good, and traits/properties are a mess! But here's the cool part: it only costs a couple of bucks.

Yes. At the moment of writing, floor price is U$2,43 with no gas fees.

So you might think... why the hell would I buy this?

People have different reasons for buying NFTs. Maybe you just want to flex a PFP on Twitter verification, or perhaps you are still learning and don't feel like spending too much money to do so. You could be just looking for a community to join, or perhaps would like to take some profits on trading jpegs. Well, you can buy a Raven and have it all.

Personally, I already bought a few and flipped for a 5x or 10x… I made enough money to buy me a beer on the weekend, but hey! It was fun! 🍺

Volume is picking up, and I believe that the collection won't have Ravens at 0.001ETH for long. All new drops from the artists are at least double that price tag.

So, if you are either broke, still learning, or just want to have some fun! Ape into Ravens and welcome to the fabulous L2 of NFT trading!

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⚠ This material is just for educational and artistic purposes, nothing here is an Investment recommendation, and we are not financial advisors. Investments on the NFT market are very risky. Always do your own research, and be happy!