When fashion merges with NFT – an astonishing project made by the most experienced people in the industry.

I just love finding projects like this one. The quality behind this is so remarkable that it makes me rethink all other NFTs I'm holding.

It's a collection of 8,888 NFTs, based on the Ethereum Network. Mint price: 0,25eth. Yes, it is expensive for a new project, but I'm sure you will understand why at the end of this post.

I'm going to start this one by talking about the artists of the project because when you look at the art, you just wonder who in the world could be so talented to do them, and you will now know exactly why it looks so good:

Gilberto Zaragoza, a master sculptor and 3D concept artist. Has been working for the past 10 years with Warner Bros, Disney's Marvel, Netflix and Bandai. Has also been involved with Avengers: Endgame and Love Death + Robots.

Luis Monteiro, a French fashion designer, worked for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloé. For the last two years, he has been dedicated to Louis Vuitton's LVMH group.

Dr. Kevin Haddad, a French plastic surgeon. He helps the project with the harmony of the models. He is the one who designed all the face attributes of the 4 different ethnicities.

Just by the art and people behind the project, we can expect HUGE things, right? Well, it is far from over. They thought about everything.

The goal of C-01 is to be the pioneers of luxury fashion in the METAVERSE. They will provide support for luxury brands to showcase their digital collection with their 3D model avatars!

They will be implemented in Sandbox and Decentraland, which are both the biggest and most renowned Metaverses. There will be virtual fashion shows with the partners, which will be retransmitted live across social media.
They also have a smart contract developer and security expert, a person who has been working in the National French Bank and creator of the Metasafe company, specialized in smart contract auditing and infrastructure security. His name is Kevin Didelot.

🗓 Mint day will be on the 14th January 2022, and you can still get whitelisted, but it will be hard because there are already 325,000 people in their Discord, so there is some competition going on. Be fast and very active in their Discord if you want a spot!

For me, this is an easy HOLD for a long time. Even if I don't manage to whitelist myself, I am buying it on the Secondary Market. Unless, of course, they do something terrible in the way that makes me think otherwise.


⚠ This material is just for educational and artistic purposes, nothing here is an Investment recommendation, and we are not financial advisors. Investments on the NFT market are very risky. Always do your own research, and be happy!