Block Owls

Block Owls

A story driven 3D animated NFT adventure on the Cardano

Project Video

Let's start with the video of the project is really entertaining, cute, and well produced – one of the most interesting I saw so far, when we are talking about Cardano NFT projects (looks like ADA it's not a ghost chain at all...). The video is quick and worth the Play!

The Art
One important aspect that got my attention was the quality of the motion design and 3D art, really well executed. Looks like there is just one artist behind this project, impressive.

Each box has a unique logo on it with the name of the piece, I appreciate this kind of detail. Looks like they are all handmade, what maybe explains the initial offer of just 52 pieces.

Unfortunately, the mint happened recently (1 Dec) and the project is Sold Out (I got sad I missed this one). I could not find a link for a secondary marketplace of this item, if you found it somewhere, please send to us, so we can update here.

👉 Probably there is more coming soon, so follow them and join their Discord channel.

More samples of the NFT art


There is no much detail about the roadmap on the website, but apparently there will be more stories and environments, and they will connect with each other in some kind of way, probably more small video animations on the way as well.

The Artist behind the project is Ctoy - you can check his website but nothing much to see there, apparently.

"I'm a Creative Director and Motion designer with a huge passion for unique stories and visual concepts. BlockOwls is my first NFT adventure on the Cardano blockchain."
Roadmap (?)

Drop 1 - HYDRA

“Signal is very weak out here, but I think all 52 blockowls will be scanned and uploaded within a week or so. I’ll keep you posted.”
— Loddie, HYDRA pilot
“You should see all BlockOwls now. It says here that all of them are uploaded. I’ll be back with the actual owls December 1st, so they will be ready for their new owners ;).”
— Loddie, HYDRA pilot

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