Be a landlord, at least, at the Metaverse

Be a landlord, at least, at the Metaverse

Sometimes, when we try too hard to reinvent the wheel, we forget about the basics.

There are dozens of projects being launched daily whose roadmap encompasses staking, token generation and… breeding. However, you can see that, for the vast majority, that roadmap simply doesn't make sense, and this development path is artificially there just because, well, this is the current meta.

Dear Reader, why am I going to pay gas fees to have a second generation of a not very valuable OG? I'll leave you to ponder with that…
Don't they look like Monopoly cards on steroids?

Metroverse is different. Why? To start with, Metroverse doesn't have a “we will be in the metaverse” proposition, it is its own metaverse – and that's indeed good for starters, because holders are going to be owners of land in a metaverse.

Community members tend to see project token generation as an infinite source of liquidity swapping, which causes a dramatic loss of value for tokens – and consequently, for projects themselves.

I mean, if everybody wants to sell and nobody wants to buy, how the hell is it gonna hold any value?
Yes, I want ma hood to look like the Shanghai of 2044

Metroverse's roadmap has staking and token generation – $MET, and it solves the biggest problem project token party has: what I'm I going to use those tokens for? To enhance your land plot, increasing its market value just like IRL. Purpose for a token? Yes, we have it, and it MAKES SENSE.

The community has grown like mad, but WL is still possible

Moreover, Metroverse has an OG Mayors collection and a PvP game on the roadmap.

Me like it.

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🗓 Minting dates:
Whitelist: January 2022
Public Sale: January 2022
Price: 0.1 ETH + gas
Amount: 2 mints per wallet
Supply: 10.000

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